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Seabiotics Alkyl Transfactor Super Omega 3 Complex w/Alkylglycerols

(PRLEAP.COM) We all know the truly amazing benefits of Omega 3 Fatty Acids! They reduce inflammation, erase pain, correct heart problems, fibromyalgia, arthritis, migranes, ADHD, Dementia, alzhymeir’s, stress, cancer, asthma, reduces blood pressure, lowers triglycerides, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, seizures, stroke, acid reflux, balance hormones, aleviates depression and more.

Alkylglycerols are a natural derivative of shark-liver oil. They work primarily by directly stimulating and supporting the immune system. Alkyl-glycerols have been studied for more than 80 years and are scientifically proven to fight against cancer and other illnesses. AKG regularly can fight off colds and flu, speed up healing from rashes, cuts and burns, and promote the growth of beneficial intestinal microflora. Alkylglycerols are also good at fighting off other bacterial, viral and parasitic infections, have a long anecdotal history as a preventative for respiratory disorders, and may even be a viable therapy for the treatment and prevention of AIDS.This amazing substance is actually found in our own bodies. It’s made in the bone marrow and found in higher doses in human breast milk. For centuries it was taken in the form of shark-liver oil by ever- healthy Scandinavian fishermen as a staple remedy for wound healing, and grandma’s favorite cold-fighting meals secretly contained alkylglycerols.

The recommended dosage of Alkylglycerols is 500 mg per day as a preventative, or 1500 mg (500 mg three times per day) for a therapeutic effect. No evidence of toxicity, contraindications or side effects have been reported even in doses as high as 6000 mg per day.

Alkyl Transfactor is a combination of both the Omega 3 Fatty Acids and the Alkylglycerols, which makes this product both corrective and preventative. These products are unlike any other products you’ll find anywhere else in the world.

Our adult product is called Alkyl Transfactor. It is a liquid super marine oil complex of omega-3 fatty acids in pharmaceutical grade deep-water shark liver oil with naturally occurring Alkylglycerols. Adults with concerns about Alzheimers and similar mental afflictions might consider Childrens’ Neurofactor. It is same potency as the Alkyl Transfactor but provides a higher level of DHA to help support mental function. Both products are corrective and preventative. They are in liquid form which allows you to easily take therapeutic dosages. Importantly, all SeaBiotics products are guaranteed free of detectable contaminates. One teaspoon of Alkyl Transfactor conveniently delivers one gram of omega-3 fatty acids the American Heart Association’s minimum daily recommendation - along with 300 mg. of Alkylglycerols, both of which are readily and easily assimilated by your body. You would need the equivalent of about ten 500 mg. gel caps to equal just one teaspoon of this pleasant tasting lemon-flavored liquid by weight. SeaBiotics does not use gel caps due to toxicity concern and contamination from their bovine sources. As we mentioned, therapeutic doses are affordable and convenient to take. For instance, the American Heart Association is recommending two to four grams of omega-3 per day for individuals with high triglyceride levels that could be the equivalent of 30- 40 gel caps! The SeaBiotics medical team has been using deep- water shark liver oil in daily practice for nearly two decades now. Our team is convinced that the results they witness are due to the synergy of our pharmaceutical grade shark liver oil with Alkylglycerols which provides an optimum delivery system for the omega-3. Alkylglycerols are not yet enjoying the spotlight that omega-3 is receiving. AKGs are a powerful family of compounds, still being studied, which support production and stimulation of white blood cells. AKGs are one of the active substances that give breast- fed babies critical protection against infection as the infants own immune systems develop. AKGs naturally bond with omega-3 providing for rapid assimilation via the bloodstream and cellular delivery, thus offering you maximum health benefits.

1000 mg Omega 3 Fatty Acids
525 mg EPA
325 mg DHA
150 mg Other Omega 3s
300 mg Alklyglycerols
300 mg Squalene

I personally have been on Seabiotics products for over 5 months and I can tell you I am a believer! These products have proven over and over to me their effectiveness against pain, ADHD, stress, hormonal imbalance, depression, tension headaches and errosive gastritis.I will always take Seabiotics products. How can these products help you? Try them and find out for yourself.

The bottom line is that the results that we witness with Alkyl Transfactor, we’re just not seeing with any other products....Article courtesy of http://www.prleap.com

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Larry Thompson's Seabiotics Story

Larry Thompson’s Seabiotics Story

Back in the 80’s when Mark Hughes and I began selling herbs out of the trunks of our cars, we didn’t realize then we were starting a new segment of wellness with herbal remedies - not as an ingredient, as a new segment in the health and wellness industry. From the back of those trucks, Herbalife was created from meager beginnings.

Today, once again, we are bringing a new segment of wellness with answers to today’s challenging health issues coming from another source - the sea, and because of my own debilitating illness, Seabiotics has gone from a thought in 2002 to a company impacting people around the world.My life’s focus was creating good health, believing that proper nutrition, supplementing, and exercise were all the essential keys.

Having spent 38 solid business years in health and wellness, to have suddenly found myself debilitated by chronic fatigue in 1997 was unimaginable and unthinkable. Astounded and often in despair, not understanding why or how this could happen, spent five years hiding it believing death was near. I did my best to accept this was my fate; this was how my life would now play out until one life-changing encounter with an amazing man, Dr. Floyd Weston, turned everything around.

Dr. Weston recommended a product in Norway he believed would help and for the next two months, I swallowed 60 capsules a day of shark liver oil (Alkyglycerols) and things began to change. Looking around at my family and friends, just like so many families today, there were considerable health challenges everyone faced.

There was my brother, Lonnie, with emphysema, my nephew, Butch, who had lost 3 inches off his height from spine damage, my brother-in-law, Jim, an insulin dependent diabetic, and my finance’s mother who had Lupus and chronic fatigue. And so asked Dr. Weston, would this help them, too, and he said of course, it will help all of them and while we didn’t know it at the time, we had just created Seabiotics.

Very few people will swallow 60 capsules a day and we knew we had to find a way to create a liquid form. In conversations with Dr. Weston, he shared his idea of creating a proprietary blend of Omega 3s and Alklyglycerols (shark liver oil) that would be a product like none ever seen before.

That idea would take 18 long months of research and development, and the creation of a proprietary molecular distillation process to purify and blend the oils. Finally, in 2003, 4000 unlabeled bottles arrived in America not to sell and make a profit but to share with my family and friends to see if they, too, would have the amazing results I did. We gave them to Butch, Lonnie, Jim, anyone and everyone who wanted to try.

Amazing and unbelievable reports began to come back to me, reports that were like nothing I personally had ever heard before in 40 years in the wellness industry.

While the Seabiotics research and development team had been sharing with me all along the impact this synergistic blend would have, we were totally unprepared for the remarkable results as reports began to come in. I knew of the benefits of both Alkyglycerols and Omega 3, individually, and knew AKG’s would enhance the immune system by penetrating the cell wall membranes and oxygenating the blood supply.

The unexpected and extraordinary results were coming from the ability of the AKG’s to act as a perfect delivery system for the Omega 3 offering a far greater health benefit than taking Omega 3 by itself.

While the blending may sound simple, bringing it together could never have been accomplished in 18 months had it not been for the decades of experience of our medical, scientific and manufacturing teams working together non-stop. We were able to develop not only the concept and the blending, but the creation of a proprietary molecular distillation process to protect the efficacy of each ingredient, eliminate all contaminants, a flavoring process and create a shelf life without adding any chemicals.

The efficacy of each ingredient, EPA, DHA and the AKG’s, had to be protected during the blending process while bottling under nitrogen and ensure the products were free from all detectable contaminants with all concerns of oxidation eliminated. We accomplished all those goals and much more.

It took commitment, passion and enormous dedication that led to the development and creation of two of the greatest products many are saying are the biggest breakthrough in wellness in the last 50 years, Alkyl Transfactor and Neurofactor, and our scores of dedicated customers would overwhelmingly agree with that.

The importance of Omega 3’s and AKG’s have come into wellness in the 21st century in an extraordinarily huge way. Scientific and medical research teams from numerous medical communities, such as John Hopkins, UCLA, Harvard, to Dr. Joseph Hibbeln of the National Institutes of Health, all unanimously agree on the necessity to health of adding EPA and DHA to our bodies.

Even though this awareness has never been higher blazing across our headlines sinking into our consciousness, only a shocking 8% of the American public is taking an Omega 3 and of those that do, they are taking a food grade quality Omega of very little value.

Seabiotics is the only product on the planet to synergistically blend both Omega 3 and AKG with unparalleled purity, potency and efficacy of the highest pharmaceutical quality obtainable. There is no question, as so many are saying far and wide, Seabiotics leads the way in sea-based products with solutions to today’s challenging health issues.

As these words are being written to you, Seabiotics is undeniably my proudest moment, of which there have been many, through out my years in the wellness industry. I truly believe much is given, much is required and am so very fortunate to have been given back my health.

Because of that, it is my goal to pass this message on to help as many people as possible prevent health challenges, maintain the good health they now have or to reclaim their health as I’ve been blessed to do. Regardless of how important this message is and how strong my feelings are, it cannot be done alone.

We need your help. By sharing this life changing story with one person at a time, you can make a huge difference in the lives of many from friends and family, throughout your local community, anyone and everyone you pass this on to.

We ask that you not only be dedicated to using our products but that you tell everyone you come in contact with, they, too, can maintain, create and most important of all, reclaim their health.

Thanks for reading my message and story, a message I am proud to say is felt and shared throughout the Seabiotics Community. Our customers and members embrace these products and the promise they hold with a passionate desire to share them knowing, as I do, there is a miracle in our liquid bottles of gold.

With warm regards,

Larry Thompson

President & Founder

SEABIOTICS -the amazing product...Part 1

Seabiotics: Amazing Product That Restores the Immune System and Alleviates Chronic Pain and Disease; Works for Everyone, All the Time, Every Time.

Seabiotics is a new product from Norway that is giving hope to those who are long time sufferers of pain and chronic disease. Many Americans are finding relief form chronic pain due to arthritis and other debilitating conditions. Many people are eliminating prescriptions that are destroying their immune systems. Diabetes patients, cancer patients, high blood pressure patients, high cholesterol patients, asthma sufferers, anyone with chronic illness or those hoping to avoid future problems, you have to take a serious look at seabiotics.

Shark Liver Oil - Immunity from the deep

  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Beneficial for coughs, colds and influenza
  • Recommended before, during and after radiation therapy

Immunity from the Deep

Sharks are the strongest and most invincible of all creatures in the ocean. Besides their outward physical attributes to protect themselves, nature provided these creatures from the deep with amazing immunity to ill health. They never get cancer or the common problems associated with humanity. The exciting news is that now their powerful resistance may be available to you.

Two Centuries Old

Norwegian fishermen in the 18th Century discovered that oil extracted from the liver of the deep water shark sped up skin tissue repair if applied to wounds. The fishermen filled stomach sacs of fish with the shark's liver oil and used it to alleviate respiratory tract infections. They also found through practical usage that the oil strengthened them, especially when taken after illness.

Exciting Discovery

By the early 19th Century, the use of shark liver oil had all but died out, apart from in a few isolated Scandinavian fishing communities. This valuable knowledge would have completely disappeared, had it not been for two Japanese scientists who, in 1922, discovered a lipid which differs from the usually fatty substances by the presence of a single atom of oxygen. They called these healing molecules Alkylglycerols.

These molecules were synthesised in 1930 and then research into their versatile healing applications progressed rapidly. The technological advances of the 1940s and 1950s enabled the Swedish researchers, Hallgren and Larsson, to undertake extremely specific studies of shark liver oil in the 1960s. The liver oil was found to contain extremely high concentrations of active Alkylglycerols 2, and usually only found in mother's milk and bone marrow. Further scientific research was then undertaken over the next twenty years by other Swedish researchers.........part 2 to follow

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SEABIOTICS - the Preventative and Corrective supplement

Rarely does a product come along that so captures national attention, validations come pouring forth as they have with Seabiotics. Twenty years before TIME and the Washington Post made Omega 3, EPA & DHA front page news, Seabiotics was applying 97 years of research spanning many continents to create a product rich in immune boosting Alkylglycerols. Later, with the addition of Omega 3 EPA DHA, the product that would cause national attention was many years in production in Norway before research in America began to catch on. One of the first validations came from ABC News, Health Talk Atlanta, in a segment airing the importance of Alklyglycerols and the beneficial effects on diabetes and high blood pressure. Then followed TIME’s cover story, Washington Post, and the recommendation of Dr. Joseph Hibbeln, National Institutes of Health, world renowned expert on Omega 3. In his impassioned CD, he explained the need for every American to add Omega 3 EPA and DHA fish oil daily to offset the over abundance of chronic inflammation caused by fast food eating, restaurants, and pre-packaged grocery foods that have caused illness in 3 out of 4 Americans – what he called an “epidemic” had been well underway for many years. When William Shatner’s production team at Heartbeat of America first heard the amazing benefits reported from Seabiotics customers, they knew the importance of letting Americans know and had the perfect TV documentary style format to do so. They went on to honor Seabiotics nationally with the “Heartbeat of America” award for making Americans strong. With such past prestigious recipients as “Doctors Without Borders” Seabiotics landed in good company and rightfully so. From being a quiet, sleeping giant, Seabiotics rose to the forefront through unconventional means, the old fashioned way, without any paid promotions or costly advertising. Customers’ testimonies of dramatic health benefits quickly spread across America from community to community. While American research was racing to keep up, Seabiotics was quietly leaping ahead helping tens of thousands to know better health. It was those testimonials that caused national attention and the numerous validations that followed. Larry Thompson, President & Founder of Seabiotics, first began importing Seabiotics into America in 2004 after experiencing, first hand, the healing benefits. When American medicine had no answers or solutions for his chronic fatigue, a recommendation led him to Seabiotics Norway and in a few short months, after five years in bed, his chronic fatigue was in remission. After pouring through 97 years of research, patient studies and 20 years of manufacturing, and after experiencing the benefits first hand, Larry knew he had to make this product available to Americans. As the past co-founder of Herbalife in the 80’s, he had spent 45 years in the wellness arena reviewing countless products but this miracle of science was like no other. As he says often, this was the first time in his career his approach to a product was purely an emotional one for it had restored his health. From the first Press Release that marked the landing of Seabiotics on American soil, to the Heartbeat of America Award show, formulation by Dr. Albert Leung, world’s leading pharmacologist of our Take Five Now product (insert link to PR for Take Five now), to Seabiotics launch in Florida with countless events in between, Seabiotics has proven to be the leader in sea-based products formulated specifically to meet the challenging health issues facing Americans today. Decades of fast food eating, restaurants, and convenience of pre-packaged grocery foods has so impacted our health, we are in the midst of an epidemic so far-reaching, dedicated athletes are succumbing to heart attacks in the peak of health. The astonishing rise of attention deficit disorders in our children, and the rise of Alzheimers in our seniors, gets worse each year from depriving the brain of the essential fatty acids. According to Harvard, 3 out of 4 Americans are suffering from either chronic pain, disease or depression. Two years ago, the stats were 2 out of 3. We are clearly in an epidemic.As all the research now attests, the solution, one so simple it defies logic, is adding Omega EPA DHA fish oil in sufficient quantities, of a stellar purity, to counter balance harmful Omega 6 fatty acid by dousing out chronic inflammation much like pouring water on a fire. Add to that the genius of synergistically blending Alklyglycerols to boost the immune system and Seabiotics has the most unique wellness product on the planet today. Americans can reverse the long term damage caused by our fast paced life style, easily and affordably, with Seabiotics............gratitude to Debra Morgan